After the Original Oil on Canvas, Dated 1913.

(Belgian 1862-1926)

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Théo (Théophile) van Rysselberghe was a Belgian neo-impressionist painter who played a pivotal role in the European art scene at the beginning of the twentieth century. His work evolved from conventional portraiture through impressionism, pointillism and eventually to neo-impressionism. He was very influential, leading the way into a modern genre of art that others at first found confusing but soon discovered to be brilliantly condensed, simplistic depictions of light and colour. His was noted for his very successful blending of several distinct techniques in one image, as seen here, where a combination of neo-impressionism and pointillism beautifully depicts Mediterranean light filtering through dense almond blossom.

Rysselberghe was born 23 November 1862 in Ghent, Belgium.  He studied at the Ghent Academy and from 1879 at the Académie des Beau-Arts in Brussels.  He first exhibited publicly at the age of 18 years. He travelled extensively in Morocco and Spain until 1884 before returning to Belgium and then promptly in the following year set off for Greece, Romania, Hungary and St. Petersburg. By 1899 he was back in Belgium making sporadic expeditions across northern France. After several trips to the South of France he moved to Saint Claire in 1911. He remained there until his death on 14 December 1926.

FINE ART PRINT ON "MONET" CANVAS  - Limited Edition of 250

Image, approx:           12¾  x 16¼ (324 x 412 mm) - original size.
Printed on a canvas:    18 x 24 inches (457 x 610 mm).

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(3)  Canvas is a natural product that can shrink slightly and unpredictably after printing.  Do not order a stretcher or frame until you have measured your delivered print.
(4)  If you wish and at no extra cost, the canvas print will be finished with a satin varnish to make it suitable for unprotected exhibition.
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