After the Original Oil on Canvas, Circa 1914.

(American 1867-1925)

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Guy Rose was born 3rd March 1867 in San Gabriel, California to Mary and Leonard Rose, a prominent California senator. His was a large and wealthy family. During recuperation from a shooting accident, Guy Rose killed time by taking up sketching a watercolours. His natural talent sprang into view and so on leaving the Los Angeles High School at age 17 he took up studies at the California School of Design. In 1888 he graduated to the Acedémie St. Julien, Paris, France.

On completing his studies he moved to New York initially finding work illustrating various national magazines. He returned to France in 1899 where he and his wife purchased a cottage at Giverny. Contact and influences with the thriving art scene at Giverny (including Claude Monet) is to be seen in all his paintings thereafter - their profoundly French style is clearly seen above.

Guy and his wife returned to the USA in 1913, firstly living and working in Long Island, but moving back to California in 1914 where he took up a teaching directorship at the Stickeny Memorial School of Art at Pasadena. He suffered a serious stroke in 1921 that left him unable to work. He died 17th November 1925.

FINE ART PRINT ON "MONET" CANVAS  - Limited Edition of 250

Image, approx:           18½ x 22½ (470 x 572 mm)
Printed on a canvas:    24 x 26 inches (601 x 661 mm).

 US.$ 245  -   including insured postage and packing.    

Please allow an additional 3 days for delivery of this special canvas edition print.

(1)  The original painting is 24 x 29¼ inches
(2)  This image is not presently available as a print on paper.
(3)  The water, dust and abrasion resistant canvas should be put on a stretcher or laid on backing board before framing. It will not need to be under glass.
(4)  Canvas is a natural product that can shrink slightly and unpredictably after printing.  Do not order a stretcher or frame until you have measured your delivered print.
(5)  If you wish and at no extra cost, the canvas print will be finished with a satin varnish to make it suitable for unprotected exhibition.
(6)  Canvas prints may be subject to import duty and local sales tax.


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